Jeffrey C. Dawes MD, FRCSC

Skin Rejuvenation

Improve skin’s texture and clarity

Over time, your skin begins to lose collagen, natural elasticity and show signs of cumulative degeneration. Factors such as genetics, lifestyle, gravity, diet and sun exposure all influence the rate of damage to the skin. As signs of damage become visible, skin rejuvenation techniques can help restore a more youthful appearance.

Your skin’s texture and clarity is improved through resurfacing—including chemical peels, laser treatments and mechanical resurfacing. Suitable for all skin types, areas of treatment can include all or specific regions of the face, neck, décolleté, hands and arms.

The skin rejuvenation procedures offered by the office of Dr. Dawes are quick and non-invasive compared to surgical procedures, with virtually no downtime. A series of treatments is usually recommended in order to achieve and maintain optimal results.

Conditions improved by skin rejuvenation techniques

The following conditions may be improved by resurfacing treatments:

  • Wrinkles: both static wrinkles (visible at all times) and dynamic wrinkles (appear when the skin is not moving and deepen when you make facial expressions)
  • Loss of skin tone: the weakening of collagen and elastin fibers in your skin
  • Vascular conditions: including visible blood vessels on the skin, facial redness and blood-filled blisters
  • Pigmentation: hyperpigmentation including sunspots, age spots and melasma
  • Scars: acne or injury-related scars may be treatable
  • Texture: roughness due to excess layers of dead skin
  • Pore size and congestion

Recovery expectations

You will receive recovery information and post-care instructions based on your treatment, including a personalized homecare regimen (a ‘recovery kit’) designed to help protect and sustain your skin rejuvenation results for as long as possible. Avoiding sun exposure and using a mineral-based sunscreen is essential. Results vary by treatment type, but are usually immediate and long lasting; several treatments may be required to achieve desired results.