Jeffrey C. Dawes MD, FRCSC


Coolsculpting™ by Zeltiq: Natural, effective and non-surgical fat removal

No matter how much you eat healthy and exercise, it if often very difficult to lose those ‘stubborn’ areas – muffin tops, love handles, saddle bags, belly pooch, etc. Liposuction, while effective, requires downtime for your body to heal and is not the best option for everyone – especially for those patients with only a mild to moderate amount of fat. Coolsculpting, developed by Harvard scientists, uses a targeted cooling process called cryolipolysis that kills fat cells underneath the skin, allowing target body sculpting. Only fat cells are frozen and once crystalized, the cells die and are eliminated from your body – naturally.

Is it right for me?

As with other cosmetic procedures, Coolsculpting is a personal decision. It should only be done to help you feel positive about your appearance rather to fit a particular image or ideal.

Good candidates for Coolsculpting are invidiuals who:

  • Are physically healthy
  • Have firm, elastic skin
  • Have mild to moderate pinch-able fat deposits in the area(s) of concern that do not respond to diet and exercise

Coolsculpting is not a replacement for healthy eating habits and exercise. Nor is it an effective treatment for obesity.

How is Coolsculpting performed?

Once a treatment plan has been established, the appropriate Coolsculpting applicator will be ‘fitted’ to the area to be treated by one of our certified Coolsculpting technicians. A gel liner will be placed over the previously marked area and the applicator will then be gently applied. The cycle is then started. Imported natural spring water or David’s tea will be offered while you relax and listed to music in one of our comfortable treatment beds for the duration of the 1-hour cycle. If having other areas treated that day, the process will be repeated.

Recovery expectations

Minimal downtime is one of the benefits of Coolsculpting over more invasive procedures. Following treatment, you can usually get right back to your busy day. Typically, patients see a noticeable reduction of fat within weeks following a single treatment.


How much fat is removed per treatment?

Typically, fat will be reduced by 20-25% per treatment.

How will I know if a 2nd treatment will be required?

When possible Dr. Dawes and/or one of his certified Coolsculpting technicians will tell you if they think a second treatment in a given area will likely be necessary. Generally, you will start to see results after 4 weeks, with maximal results seen at 12 weeks. If adequate changes are not seen by around 8 weeks, a second treatment may be recommended.

Will I see Dr. Dawes prior to treatment?

Yes. All patients see Dr. Dawes in consultation prior to being offered Coolsculpting as a viable treatment option.

Is it painful?

Sometimes. Pain is often (but not always) felt in the first few minutes of the procedure. Rarely, late-onset pain and/or itching may be experienced. Such pain is self-limiting, usually does not require medication and does not last more than two weeks.

Will I have bruising?

Bruising may occur and be present for up to 3 weeks.

How many cycles will I need?

Dr. Dawes will determine how many cycles you will require, as well as whether he thinks more than one treatment will be necessary for a given area. For an abdomen for example, 4-6 cyles are typically required for a single treatment. 2-4 for the flanks and 1-2 for the inner arms, thighs and saddlebag areas.

How long does each cycle take?

Each treatment area requires one ‘cycle’, which takes one hour, not including set-up and applicator application.

Where can I find out more about Coolsculpting?

For more information, including how Coolsculpting works, real patient testimonials, etc. go to

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